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TV wall mounting service from TV SAS

• The wall mounting of your SMART, LED, OLED, 4K TV
• The supply of TV wall mounting brackets.
• SMART TV setup and tuning to get the best from your new TV.
• Connect your SMART TV to internet, download Apps and connect over WI-FI
• Connect to 3 devices, SKY, FreeSat, Freeview.
• Cable management
• One year’s parts and labour guarantee as standard

TV Wall Mounting Services by TVSAS Berkshire

So, you have bought yourself a nice new large TV to be the centrepiece in your living room. You cannot wait to see what Sports and movies are going to look like on your shiny new TV.

The problem with a large TV is where can you put it? Will you need to buy a new TV unit for it to stand on, Or, should you hang it on the wall?

The biggest advantage of a wall mounted TV is the space that it will save you. The new TVs of today are very thin so they can be hung close to the wall. It also means that you do not have to make an extra purchase of a TV stand or unit hurrah!

A wall mounted TV can be used as a focal point and give your room a sleek and modern finish. Along with hidden cable it will give the appearance of a much bigger room.

Wall mounting your TV saves floor space and they look great.

A TV that is hung on the wall correctly by a professional installer will look stunning.

The Steps

• Find a professional installer or a trusted advisor
• Make sure that they are recommended, Check a trade etc.
• Call them to discuss your requirement
• Obtain a price for works to be carried out.


When TV SAS get the call to hang a TV on the wall we always ask our clients what type of wall will the TV be hanging from. Stud or a load bearing wall.
By asking these types of questions we can make sure that the correct brackets are used for your install.
Regarding TV hanging brackets this is a small subject within its self.
There are various options to choose from when wall mounting your TV.


You can install a slim TV wall bracket that will keep your TV close to the wall. But remember where your HDMI and other TV connectivity is on your TV as once the TV is installed on the wall then it is a challenge to then add more devices if the ports are on the back of the TV so check this first.
Rather than craning your neck when viewing your wall hanging TV why not ask us to install a tilting TV wall mount.
There are many suppliers of TV wall mounts. We recommend B-Tech as they do universal TV mounts for most sizes of TVs. As well as slim and titling brackets.


You have purchased your SMART TV, you have asked TV SAS to hang your TV on the wall, TV wall mounting brackets have been chosen and you are already to go. But wait, what about all those cables that connect into power sockets and devices, where do they all go?
You will need to consider cable management of all your cables whether its HDMI, power leads or optical. Cables look much better when not seen 
Here are a few solutions for cable management:
• Install cables in the cavity wall space
• Get a power outlet installed behind the TV
• Purchase a cable tidy this can be trunking to hide all those cables. The cable trunking can be then painted to match the décor of your room.


Do some basic checking of the company you want to hang TV on wall.
Think about what type of wall you will be hanging your TV on so the correct TV wall bracket can be installed.
Do you want your TV to be installed flat against the wall? Or a tilting wall mounted?
Remember all those cable that need to be organized. Think about cable management or cable tidy.