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Data Networking

Office Networking

In order for small businesses to run efficiently, streamlined and connected networking is the most important consideration. You may have a network that serves you for the time being, but as your business grows the network you must support your everyday work needs to grow with you. Without this improvement to your network, the ability of your team working together smoothly and efficiently will be affected. That could mean a brand-new network to get you up to the most efficient possible system or could simply mean adding more people to your existing network.

We can use our expertise to discuss what you’re looking to achieve from your network and put together a plan to get you maximum efficiency.

This will help you entirely connect your office:

  • PCs
  • Laptops
  • Printers
  • IP phones
  • Servers
  • NAS drive
  • Tablets
  • Phones

The cabling and networking will be fully tested labelled and left neat and tidy.

The benefit is that if you have any issues with your network it will take far less time to solve, therefore saving you money.

Moving office

We can support you with relocating your office smoothly ensuring that your team can walk into your new space and are ready to work.

Adding data sockets

You may need additional data sockets in order to add new team members to your network, add a printer or a new phone system
Adding or upgrading WIFI service will support the growing need of your business, adding a guest network so your visitors to your business can have access to a separate network that is serving your team’s work.

Setting up a wireless network

The way the business is operating has changed dramatically, with the need to work wirelessly paramount to the everyday work.
Many team members now are working flexibly with their PC on a wide network alongside a tablet, laptop, phones on a wireless network.
A wireless network will complement your business operations, allowing your team to work efficiently, flexibly and make the most out of their time whilst in the office.

Cable running/structured cabling

We can put in structured cabling to support anything your network requires

Home network

We can set up a new network for your home. We connect fibre optic cables from road side pots into houses / businesses then connecting into existing networks or setting up new.

New builds

We can help you by supporting you at the initial design stage, first fix at the start of the project, second fix/terminating and commissioning.
This offers you consistent support through the whole project from start to finish.

Fault finding

If you find yourself having network issues; we can help you by attending your property, identifying where the problems are coming from and help you get re-connected.


Door Entry Systems

In today’s society; security is of high priority whether you’re considering your home or office.
Door entry systems are the perfect way to allow and restrict entry, to make sure those inside are always safe.
We understand that keeping to budgets is important and work alongside you to make sure that we working within your plan to spend.

Installing new systems

We can help you design a system from scratch; which will suit your particular needs. It could be that you have a block of flats needing a voice or video system for either existing properties or new properties.
We can also set up business door entry systems for allowing specific entry.
Letting the right people in


If you have an existing system you are looking to upgrade; to get the best and most up-to-date functionality from your door entry system. We can help by reviewing what you have in place and more importantly how you want to use your system and recommend the best available solutions based on your needs

Fault finding

if you are having a problem with your door entry system, we can undertake a full inspection, take a look at the problem and inform you of what needs doing to rectify the issue.

Would you like to know more?

Talk to us if you need more information as we are happy to provide a free quote and more information about the services that we offer.