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Integrated Reception Systems

TVSAS offer a full range of Integrated Reception Systems (IRS) from design and installation to ongoing support. Ensuring you (and your buildings) have the Integrated Reception Service that suits your needs.

Integrated Reception Systems (IRS)

The Integrated Reception System (IRS) uses a shared satellite dish or aerial system. This combines TV and satellite signal into a single cable and distributes these signals throughout a property such as an apartment block. Recently, the accepted standard for new installations has become a twin cabled system because of the new services provided, such as Sky+. Twin cable systems provide a minimum of two cables per dwelling which will allow the use of a Sky+ type satellite receiver. Some existing older systems, however, do only have a single feed, consequently limiting the operation of recording satellite receivers.

Furthermore, MATV systems may also include a DAB and FM radio signal. In our experience, the IRS system will offer residents the greatest choice and flexibility. IRS enables a free choice of the method in which tenants may receive their digital reception via satellite or Freeview.

Integrated Reception Systems-IRS_multidwelling-diagram

IRS design and installation services.

New IRS systems that TVSAS install are individually designed to meet your system requirements. The required signals are combined at a central location before being distributed to each dwelling. Once the signal reaches the dwelling, a multi socket outlet is installed. Completing the system in this manner will ensure that the dwelling is digital ready, and the resident is free to choose their preferred method of reception.

IRS Head End Installation for Electrical Contractors, AV installers and Builders

Here at TVSAS we work with many builders, electricians, and AV companies. We can help plan the system and then install the aerial, satellite array and head end distribution system connecting your cables that are already in place as part of your building structure. We would then commission and test the completed system providing completion certificates if required. Please do get in touch if you require assistance with a distributed installation schematics, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.

We specialize in providing the correct solution to meet your client’s requirements. We provide a service as a trusted advisor to review other tenders and designs to make sure that they adhere to the correct standards.

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